DeTective Investigations
Licensed and Bonded Private Investigators
Dan Weiss, Private Detective
Since 1985
eTective is an affiliated company of Initial Investigations, Inc.


All information is Kept Strictly Confidential


Personal Tangible Asset and/or Corporate Search

   Available as a package or individually:


   Subject name and aliases


   Current address and telephone number


   Date of birth


   Social Security number and place of issuance

   Drivers License number and status
   Last listed place of employment
   Previous addresses
   Statewide motor vehicle ownership
   Statewide property ownership
   Equity and encumbrance search on single property
   Corporations in which subject is an officer, director, or
   registered agent
   Professional licenses
   List of associated persons or family members residing
   with subject
   Marriage and divorce records
   Traffic accidents in which subject was involved
   Corporate records
   Corporate records by officer, director, or owner
   General officer/owner information
   Statewide property ownership
   UCC filings
   Public records
   Equity and encumbrance search on one property

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